UVC Solutions Co approach to HVAC control goes beyond simple temperature controls and pre-programmed operation schedules. Our engineers can design and implement whole building HVAC automation systems with pro-active diagnostics that get ahead of your HVAC demands rather than struggling to keep up with them. Our HVAC controls are designed to work with most existing HVAC systems and have an expected ROI of 2 to 3 years

We will design and install cutting edge, reliable lighting systems and HVAC controls ideally suited to your facility’s needs.
UV-C Lamps installed inside HVAC systems or associated ductwork.

Requires high UV doses to inactivate microorganisms on the fly as they pass through the irradiated zone due to limited exposure time.
Minimum target UV dose of 1,500 µW•s/cm2 (1,500 µJ/cm2)
Systems typically designed for 500 fpm moving airstream.
Minimum irradiance zone of two feet
Minimum UV exposure time of 0.25 second

Can be operated remotely across doors, walls, cabinets, no angle restrictions Note: After the disinfection mode is turned on, there will be a rapid sound, and the disinfection will automatically turn on after 20 seconds (The sound stops, and the lamp lights up). After regular opening, people need to leave the disinfection area. Prevent ultraviolet rays from harming people.

Air Disinfection

UV-C is used for air disinfection in virtually every application, because there are always situations where microorganisms in the air can cause a …

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Surface disinfection

In high contact areas such as schools, retail outlets, industry, offices and public transportation, UV-C can be used for a deep disinfection….

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Disinfection of objects

disinfection of objects and (shared) devices, UV-C chambers inactivate the majority of viruses in a matter of minutes. Typical usage includes disinfection …

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